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The Application & Registration Procedures For Erasmus+ Students:
Required Documents For Application:

  • Student Application Form
  • Learning Agreement
  • Copy of legal ID card or passport
  • Transcript of Records (Which shows your previous studies)
  • Copy of the registration at the home institution or university card
  • Health insurance valid in Turkey
  • 4 Passport type photographs

1. Fill in the Manisa Celal Bayar University Student Application Form. The application is available at the International Office Website. All parts of the form must be filled, contact addresses of the home university and the student's contact address must be correct in order for us to send the acceptance letters properly. The application form must be signed and stamped by the International Office of the home university. Application forms without the proper signatures and stamps will not be accepted. 

2. The Student Application Form is supplemented by a Learning Agreement, which details the selected course units. Complete your Learning Agreement by discussing with your ERASMUS/ECTS coordinators in your home university for understanding which course units would be relevant and recognized as a contribution to your own degree program. During the preparation of your Learning Agreement, your coordinator can contact the ERASMUS/ECTS coordinators of your proposed field of study in Manisa Celal Bayar University. List of degree programmes offered and detailed lists of the lessons of every faculty and school can be found on our webpage.

3. The Learning Agreement has to be signed by you, your department/faculty coordinator and/or your institutional coordinator. If the proposed Learning Agreement is acceptable, the receiving department/faculty coordinator and the Institutional coordinator of Manisa Celal Bayar University will sign the Agreement and a copy of it will be returned to your International Office. This procedure ensures that all those involved know exactly what you will study at Celal Bayar University. If the proposed Learning Agreement is not acceptable the student can send a new Learning Agreement or can change lessons by making a Learning Agreement changes document after arrival to Celal Bayar University. Without the confirmation of the Learning Agreement an acceptance letter can not be sent.

4. You can contact ERASMUS/ECTS coordinators in Manisa Celal Bayar University of your field of study for further information. He/she will be your contact in Manisa Celal Bayar University. You can also contact with our International Office before coming to Turkey for all your questions about the application procedures and etc.

5. These completed forms along with the other application documents must be posted by your International Office to the address below. Scan and fax documents and applications with absent or wrongly filled documents will not be accepted.

International Office

Manisa Celal Bayar University Rectorate

Officer Responsible from the Incoming Students: erasmus@cbu.edu.tr 

6. After receiving the Department's/Faculty's approval, a letter of Acceptance will be issued for you. Acceptance Letter will be sent to the home university International Office Address and the student's personal address. The International Office can fax/scan a copy of this letter upon request if there will be any delay in the post. 

7. You must take the Letter of Acceptance (or a faxed copy) to the nearest Turkish Consulate and apply for the Student Visa. The student visa is required for registration at Manisa Celal Bayar University and getting a residence permit from the Police Department. This visa cannot be obtained within Turkey after your arrival. You should allow a suitable timeframe for the visa to be processed. Students who will participate in EILC courses must apply to Celal Bayar University earlier for them to finish their visa process on time. 

8. "Confirmation Letter for Accommodation" will be sent along with the Letter of Acceptance if the student request accommodation by filling the Application Form properly. You may also live off-campus but in such cases you are responsible for finding your own housing.

9. Please inform our International Office as soon as possible on your date of arrival and departure. The Orientation Programme will be sent to the e-mails of the students before they arrive.

10. Upon your arrival, please contact our International Office as soon as possible for your administrative and registration procedures. 

11. An Manisa Celal Bayar University Student Card will be given to the student upon arrival. Students must send photos stated in the Application documents to get a student card. 

12. Contact your ERASMUS/ECTS coordinators in Manisa Celal Bayar University so that he/she knows you have arrived and can help you with your study program and with other practical matters. Our International Office will direct you to the related Erasmus Coordinator. 

13. Within one month after you arrive in Turkey; you must apply for a residence permit. International Office will assist you with this procedure.

14. At the end of semester, an official copy of Transcript of Records will be posted to your International Office.

15. PLEASE NOTE, exchange students are not covered by medical insurance. Be certain you have emergency/hospital coverage by getting a health insurance policy valid in Turkey before coming. Manisa Celal Bayar University is not responsible from the students who arrive without a proper Health Insurance.