Learning Facilities

Departmental Rooms
Each department has their own departmental room, where a departmental postings, notices, boks and other information is available to students and staff.  It is also a meeting place for students anhd faculty of the same department.

Central Library
The Central Library was established in 1992 and aims to retrieve and store recorded knowledge of all kinds, making it available and usable to students, academic and administrative staff. The Library is an indispensable component of education and is committed to providing high quality support for research and learning in the University. Transferring and uniting facilities of faculty libraries to the Central Library had been completed in 1999 and the Central Library moved to its new building, which is located centrally on the Muradiye Campus.
The Central Library has a centralized collection of books and journals nearly all of which are on open shelves and easily accessible to users. It has been designed to provide the latest electronic and multimedia resources, as well as traditional library materials and services, in an inviting and service oriented atmosphere. There are group study rooms, individual study carrels, visual and audible material collection Celal Bayar University Central Library, which houses thousands of boks, e-books, electronic journals. The books are on open shelves and 500 people can use the library at the same time. The library has wireless Access available to all students.

Computing Services
The University comprises computer and foreign language laboratories, 15 general purpose computer laboratories, 66 scientific research laboratories and 45 student laboratories for common use of all the students and academic staff.
Internet network is available throughout the university, being aware of the importance to reach and share information fast. Each department and faculty is linked to the main server and this system is on non-stop service for 24 hours/365 days. Besides, the schools/vocational training schools  are connected using wireless technology directly to the server of the main campus.

Research and Industrial Relations
Celal Bayar University encourages and puts high emphasis on both basic and applied research. The University, to the best extent possible promotes all kinds of projects and research. The University sets its sight at attaining universal quality in terms of education, scientific research and projects. It cooperates with foreign universities for educational and research purposes, to help increase the quality of education to international standards.
Within this direction, CBU carries out several researches on the areas of medical sciences, natural sciences, engineering, agricultural sciences and social sciences to both solve the country problems and contribute to universal knowledge.
Celal Bayar University has many modern and full-fledge laboratories offering extensive opportunities for training and research. The students learn to put into practice the skills and theory studied in their courses.
There are 20 Research Centers at Celal Bayar University and are primarily in interdisciplinary areas and represent topics in research frontiers.

  1. Family Planning Infertility Research and Application Center
  2. Research and Application Center of Ataturk's Principles and Revolution
  3. Allergy and Asthma Research and Application Center
  4. Computer Research and Application Center
  5. Environmental Problems Research and Application Center
  6. Experimental Animal Research Center
  7. Experimental Science and Applications and Research Center
  8. Women's Studies Research Center
  9. Cosmetic Application and Research Center
  10. Local Government Research and Application Center
  11. The Region of Manisa Turkish Handicrafts Research and Application Center
  12. Manisa and the Turkish History and Culture Region Research and Application Center
  13. Applied Mathematics and Computation Center
  14. Distance Education Application and Research Center
  15. Project Coordination Implementation and Research Center
  16. Guidance and Counseling Research Center
  17. Health Application and Research Center (University Hospital)
  18. University-Industry Collaboration Technologies Research and Application Center
  19. Continuing Education Application and Research Center
  20. Foreign Language Teaching, Practice and Research Center