Social , Cultural and Sports Activities

Social, cultural and sports activities aim to utilize Manisa Celal Bayar University students' time outside of class, to be interested in sports, to encourage sports doing, to organize sports activities in order to protect physical and mental health and to enable academic and administrative staff to benefit from sports services and facilities. 
Also, it is aimed to improve studies in sports by cooperation with domestic and international sports organizations and enable students to represent the university in sports events organized by the Turkey University Sports Federation. Moreover, it is aimed to operate facilities in a planned way and manage them from a single center for students, academic and administrative staff to benefit from all the sports facilities and materials of the university effectively.

Sports Services

Sports services are collaboratively organized by the department of Health, Culture and Sports and the School of Physical Education and Sports in order to provide the students with an appropriate atmosphere and opportunities. Every year, in March, April, and May, we organize football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and chess tournaments with the participation of the students from all faculties, schools, and vocational schools. Accommodation, food and transportation needs of the students participating in the tournaments are supplied by the department of Health, Culture and Sports. In addition, our students regularly participate in the volleyball, basketball, handball, football, athletics, cross, gymnastics, wrestling, judo, teak wan do, karate, tennis, table tennis, fencing, and swimming organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation and they come back with successful results. Accommodation, food and transportation needs of the students participating in the inter-university competitions are supplied by the department of Health, Culture and Sports. Our university has indoor and outdoor sports facilities. We have an Olympic swimming pool, a fitness center, football pitches suitable for athletics, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts.

Summer Sport Schools

Every summer we have summer schools open to the locals of Manisa. In these schools education is given by the expert academic personnel and qualified students. The branches of these schools are determined by the general needs and demands of the public. Especially the swimming, tennis, gymnastics, Pilates, step-aerobic courses organized for 5-15 year-old children and adults are very popular. To organize these courses, Manisa Celal Bayar University School of Physical Education and the Culture and Sports Club work collaboratively.

Cultural Facilities

In order to enrich our student's cultural and social life, throughout the academic year different kinds of activities are organized to bring together the students with artists and scientists so that they can be a proper model for them. These activities take place in Süleyman Demirel Culture Centre; with a big lecture room with 528-audience capacity, four other small lecture rooms with 150 audience capacity, and an amphitheater with 2000 audience capacity, and in different kinds of conference rooms within the departments and graduate schools. With the participation of our university students, Classical Turkish Music and Turkish Folk Music Chorus carry out their rehearsals and give concerts all through the year. Turkish Folk Dance Club performs various local dances every year. These groups participate in domestic and foreign competitions and successfully rank in the highest degrees. Moreover, there is a cinema with 120 audience capacity and a studio flat in our university.

Culture and Sports Clubs

Manisa Celal Bayar University Culture and Sports Union was founded in 1993. All activities are run with the cooperation of Manisa Celal Bayar University. The Club supports all scientific, social and cultural activities of the university in every way. Folk-dance groups, sport teams and polyphonic children's choir are founded and various activities are conducted for the members of the Club, for the locals of Manisa and for our students so that they can do various sport activities, involve in cultural activities and make use of their leisure time in the most productive way. In addition; basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, shooting, bicycle riding, archery, mountain climbing, scouting, judo, taek won do, boxing, karate, tennis, table tennis, badminton, weight lifting, wrestling, track and field, swimming, billiards, fencing, chess and bridge branches are registered to General Directorate of Youth and Sport. In some of these branches, categories of "tiddlings, "stars and "young ones are formed and in the competitions they rank in the first number three. Commercial enterprises are opened to reinforce and improve the Club. These enterprises are run under the Club to give more qualified services. The Club's goal is to improve these commercial enterprises so that they can give good services to the students.

Free Courses

Courses free of charge are;

  • Dance
  • Tennis
  • Table tenis
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Theatre

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit:

  • The University's Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit finds solutions to problems faced by students, ensures solidarity and cooperation, makes preventive, supportive and guiding studies for emotional, social and intellectual problems that may arise, identifies and teaches ways of coping with the problems of individual and social cohesion, finds solutions to the problems of communication and identity during education period. There is a psychologist on duty in the unit.

Research and Studies Conducted In Psychological Counselling and Guidance

  • Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit serves disabled students actively from September 2009 on.
  • Individual counselling was realized in the interview room of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit. At the end of the 50-minute interviews, students who are thought to have severe psychological problems were directed to hospitals for psychiatric treatment. Some of the students for whom individual counselling was necessary were taken to individual counselling on a regular basis every week.